January 31, 2011 admin

The Slammed Blue Civic from Rondebosch Low-Rollers, Mr Imraan AKA ivtec

So cruising in my area a few days ago and popped around by a buddy of mine. Imraan mostly called by his Hondaboys forum nick which is ivtec, is totally obsessed with his civic. She started out a bone stock 150i and he imraan decided to spice things up a bit. She’s imraan daily ride so he opted for a 160i SOHC VTEC setup. A pretty humble motor must say, even though it takes out a few arrogant DOHC vtecs when they face a brawl. As ivtec is part of the Rondebosch Low-Rollers it was mandatory that he fitted his sleeve over kit next and this kit is wat allows his car to sit so beautifully! Anyways, after my chat with him I decided to take some pics and thought I’d share them with you guys.