February 6, 2011 admin

WheelWhore Faghri’s Rat-Style Mk1 aka “Groenie”

I was fortunate enough to be welcomed to Faghri’s little sanctuary and like a true wheel whore he opened up the door in his I HEART RIMS tshirt which he sleeps in! The purpose of the visit was to discuss the printing of the stickers but also for him to enlighten me, even further than I already am, on the dubkorps side of life. But not just the ordinary footage and info, but the behind the scenes and creation of the vdub society. He showed me some of the awol.tv productions and made me insane by showing me some crazy variations of my first love, the BBS RS 3 piece split rim! Faghri is one of the very fortunate few in Cape Town own a original set of these BBS rims. Unfortunately i didnt stay long enough to get some pics of these babies, but i did manage to get pics of One of his rides; his green mk1 which is rolling on ORIGINAL MOMO Ferrari’s!! His daily drive is a Cross polo and has white mk2 in the garage as well which is a work in progress…

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