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THE Black Duo

The Killer Black Duo From the southern suburbs! These two guys have crazy obsession not only with Hondas but with their rides being slammed and stanced out to the max!! Firstly the civic is fitted with every single aftermarket goodie you can think of!! From a Mugen front lip, right down to high polished rear lower control arms!! This crazy civic belongs to Adeeb Dollie and has built this ride from the ground up. She was a hopeless lost cause when he found her, but Adeeb saw great potential her and brought her to the point where she is now. The civic rolls on full Skunk2 coilovers which are turned right down to the floor!! Adeeb’s Not only is Adeeb’s exterior paid attention to, the whole entire car has been tailored to his liking. The engine bay has a few things and especially the interior. Sweet accessories such as Bride Bucket seats on super low rails, some ICE as well as some C and C-B pillar struts which not only give better handling but give a great look from the outside of the vehicle!!

The black ballade on the other hand belongs to Chad Bailey, the brother of Junaid Bailey, Mr Hotstuff. (A reknowned Honda mechanic and family which these 2 hondas are a part of.) The black ballade lays very close to the heart of the owner. As soon as he sees something wrong as a dent or chip on on door, he’ll get the whole side repsrayed!! The ballade is currently riding on megan racing sleeve overs with ian gloss shortened shocks. The front is slammed to its lowest setting where as the rear is turned slightly higher as to allow that the massive 9J Lenso BSX’s to clear and not touch as this is his daily ride. This car just 3 days before the shoot was rolling on k-sport fully adjustable coilovers, but chad opted for these as they give a softer drive for daily drive. He says he plans on puttin the k-sports in for those special track outings. Just to spice things up abit, the motor has been upgrade to the infamous B20. For a short while it is non-vtec but he’s just waiting on his custom head and stage 2 cams and valve springs and retainers to arrive and go vtec.

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