February 11, 2011 admin

Our Rim Obsession!

Here at CapeStance we love old school rims, brand spanking new designs, crazy colours, rims that are unique, rims that give people style or a certain image, we love rims with deep dishes, and some low offsets…

Some of the rims that we have come across recently:
(Most of the rims were found at Riyaad International Rim Repair! For great workmanship and prices call him on 0827076110 and say you got it off capestance as he’ll give you a good price!)
20″ rims with some polished lips

Flat red TSWs

 Some Ford Ronals

 15″ 3 piece Equip wheels with 8Js

Freshly unpacked Lenso BSX, 16″ with a crazy +20 offset with a width of 9Js!!!

CapeStance are not only rim crazy but to complete the obsession we love our crazy tyres!!
165 40 16, yes 165!! Nankangs.. these guys pull some crazy stretch off!!
The classic, BFGoodrich’s!