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The Black Duo [Part 2]

In a world where ricers want to be tuners it has become difficult to tell these two styles apart. These two Hondas are prime examples of Cape cars, where its pure style and no rice. These cars have lots of time and money put into them to get them to where they are today. Adeeb’s civic is probably one of the best on the roads today. What started out as an ordinary civic is now an extra-ordinary car. Everything is done just right. The ideas and influences come from the land of the rising sun, yes none other than Japan. Although the Jap cultures have been influencing the market quite a lot lately, he has still managed to make the car stand out from the rest. This is the list of mods that were done to the car.

Removed the modified bumper and replaced it with the original bumper.
Removed the 17” rims, tints, aerial, rear wiper, side indicators, audio system and rear oem badge.

Imported the mugen front lip, type r rear lip together with the type r grill.
Settled with the Extended Type R Rear wing after trying 2 other type r wings before that.
Imported the Spoon electric Mirrors
Type R Headlights
Type R style rear Braking Lights

Imported the Bride Seatbelt Pads to match the Bride Bucket Seats.
Imported the racing seat brackets.
Removed the black leather oem armrest and replaced with the red Type R style armrest.
Imported the interior bars from the Netherlands.
Removed the rear head rests, backboard and all plastic bits connected to the bootlid.
10” Inifinty Sub
Stealth amp
Sony usb Front loader

Japco did the sprayjob, I wanted a clean black look.

HotStuff Racing fitted all the suspension bits and also does the maintenance/services on the car.
Skunk2 Coilovers
Rear Lower Control Arms
Rear Lower Tie Bar
Front and Rear Camber Kit
Front and Rear Suspension Bars
This car has no body roll lol

JDMworx Imported the 16” Rota Mugen MF 10’s in Bronze after trying 3 sets of rims.
Japco sprayed it White.
Wrapped them in Falcon 205/40/16
Red lock nuts

Whale Filter
Powerflow 2 box exhaust system.
UniQ Chip

Onto Chads car. Well he went with a different approach to get his car to where it is today. Even though his mod list is not as extensive as Adeebs, what he has done still does the trick. Instead of just taking the Jap culture he decided to mix it up a bit with sum Euro stance.

KW Full Coilovers

16″ Lenso bsx rims, Narrow Wides
Front – 16″ x 7.5J on 195 45 16 Wanli Tyres
Rear – 16″ x 9J on 205 45 16 Wanli Tyres

63mm Exhaust

The car definatly has a sexy stance and some crazy offset. These are just two examples of crazy stanced out rides that are on our roads today. keep your eyes peeled for these two in and around Cape Town.

Photos By: Raees Amien (RT Photography)