VR6 OEM+plus

This car boggles the mind as it’s not a Jetta nor Golf but rather the distant offspring of one drunken hot night of passion between the two. As it beams down the road with a mighty roar, one can only realize it is the iconic VR6, every boys dream. The VR6 as shown has something to offer, what it is I dont know, its mystical with it’s attention seeking body curve, with minimal mods. It has a certain likeness to it, that one cannot put into words, once you have seen it, it grows on you like cancer, spreading until you are consumed.

Sporting a modest set of stock VR6 rims, with fully adjustable coilovers makes this car worthy of the CapeStance logo. Taking OEM+ and adding it’s own Capestance to it. Specs are normal to say the least, one of the cleanest unmolested VR6’s Cape Town has to offer, with the exception of the added facial construction.

As per owner details the car will be transformed into a feature friendly beast within due time. One thing is for sure, we are going to be keeping you updated with the transformation from modest daily, to immaculate CapeStance feature!

Germany Vs Japan

Yes i know, this title has been used over and over.. but its never been attached to the best of wat Cape Town has to offer!!!! Featuring the INFAMOUS Karmen Ghia of Faheem, Naati’s Killer Gun Metal MK5 GTI-R (yes, something VW forgot to do and Naati showing them who is boss) Wally’s Rio Yellow S2000, Imraan aka IVTEC’s slammed Civic with crayon coloured wheels, Maurice’s Silver Surfer Civic with Highlighter blue rims, VTEC Racer’s RED Subaru Impreza STI and his brother’s RED OPC Astra, Dominic’s mk1 with stretch steelies and Liam’s old school mk1.

Some initial pics… Will post more later..


So my buddy, Etienne De Villiers and I conspired to meet up at 6 in the morning in the search for some pics to blow the minds of our viewers… The White MK1 golf is his. Its fully worked with a 2lt race motor and matching motorsport computer box, cams and exhaust to mention a few things.
The Red Honda is Mine, its a B20 (2lt) VTEC with skunk2 cams and some other things like VTEC driver which allows VTEC to kick in earlier, at 4500RPM to be exact.

Will post more details on the full post, but here are some teaser pics in the mean time:

Photos By: Tauriq Ajam (RT Photography)

VW Mini Meet & Greet @ Table Mountain

The weekend that U2 rocked at the Cape Town Green Point Stadium, this did not only attract thousands of fans but also a couple of sweet VWs located in the windy city of Port Elizabeth (commonly known as PE). The guys decided to through a little meet and greet and this was the outcome.

Photos By: Etienne De Villiers Photography

VW hook up in the mother city. [Part 1]

A couple of VW chilling it out in the Mother City, The Cape Of Good Hope. The Red MK5 of Rameez, MK1s of Ettiene, Zaine and the gang. Hope you guys enjoy.
Photos By: Ettiene De Villiers Photography

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