March 27, 2011 admin

Germany Vs Japan

Yes i know, this title has been used over and over.. but its never been attached to the best of wat Cape Town has to offer!!!! Featuring the INFAMOUS Karmen Ghia of Faheem, Naati’s Killer Gun Metal MK5 GTI-R (yes, something VW forgot to do and Naati showing them who is boss) Wally’s Rio Yellow S2000, Imraan aka IVTEC’s slammed Civic with crayon coloured wheels, Maurice’s Silver Surfer Civic with Highlighter blue rims, VTEC Racer’s RED Subaru Impreza STI and his brother’s RED OPC Astra, Dominic’s mk1 with stretch steelies and Liam’s old school mk1.

Some initial pics… Will post more later..