March 27, 2011 admin

VR6 OEM+plus

This car boggles the mind as it’s not a Jetta nor Golf but rather the distant offspring of one drunken hot night of passion between the two. As it beams down the road with a mighty roar, one can only realize it is the iconic VR6, every boys dream. The VR6 as shown has something to offer, what it is I dont know, its mystical with it’s attention seeking body curve, with minimal mods. It has a certain likeness to it, that one cannot put into words, once you have seen it, it grows on you like cancer, spreading until you are consumed.

Sporting a modest set of stock VR6 rims, with fully adjustable coilovers makes this car worthy of the CapeStance logo. Taking OEM+ and adding it’s own Capestance to it. Specs are normal to say the least, one of the cleanest unmolested VR6’s Cape Town has to offer, with the exception of the added facial construction.

As per owner details the car will be transformed into a feature friendly beast within due time. One thing is for sure, we are going to be keeping you updated with the transformation from modest daily, to immaculate CapeStance feature!