April 25, 2011 admin

Kyle’s Killer B20

As we all know the honda society in the cape has grown quite considerably, some rifes bringing great havoc and others converting some new lovers. We feel that Kyle’s B20 falls into the later category.
This “Old Spec” (96-98 models) has been been pampered with a vast variety of great accessories!
I feel that this engine bay is something to make mention of; B20 high compression motor, secured firmly by imported hasport solid aluminium engine mounts. Sporting some Stage 2 cam shafts with upgraded valve springs and retainers allowing him to rec in excess of 9000rpm with ease.
Kyle’s Ride is rolling on some red Sprint Hart CPR Reps which really does an awesome job of making his Honda standing out above the rest.
Here are some pics, hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment…

Photos By: Tauriq Ajam (RT photography)