The Cuzimos

3 Jap cars and 3 great great friends…
They are commonly known as the Cuzimos, which they jokingly used to call each other and little did they know as time grew on the name stuck. The white Conquest belongs to Deon Petersen, the Red 20v RXi belongs to Munier Mallum and the Silver VTEC belongs to Adiel Anthony. 
Some words other owners about the spec of their cars…
“Basically, we’re just a group of friends that share the same passion for cars and anything on wheels.
During the day I (Adiel Anthony) work as a process engineer, Deon is an art director and Munier is a tourism booking officer. 
Im driving a 1999 Ballade Vtec, with an upgraded suspension comprising of Blox Springs, Blox Camber Kit and Blox Lower Control Arms. The motor is stock except for a 57mm Pro-fit exhaust and a Simota induction. Also I have Lenso PD9 wheels in white.
Deon drives a 1989 Conquest Twincam which is stock except for a drop and 57mm Don Exhaust and K&N flatpad filter.
Munier drives a 1997 Corolla RSI 20Valve, which has a custom drop. The motor is standard except for open air trumpets (throttles) and a 57mm Cowley exhaust.
Deon and Munier are avid Toyota fans while im the Honda kop and Munier also builds up model cars for a hobby.
We’re just a bunch of old friends who are always together and share the same passion for cars.”
We they hooked up for a drive down to beautiful Hout Bay and this is was the outcome.. 
Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment…

Photos by: Tauriq Ajam (RT Photography)

Four Litres of Fury [Part 2]

Etienne De Villiers’ 2.0 Mk1 and Tauriq Ajam’s 9J’d Red B20 VTEC but mostly Etienne’s car in these photos.


Photos by: Tauriq Ajam (RT Photography)

Mini CapeStance Hookup at Green Point

So this is the first batch of pics, feel free to comments.. wide variety of talent pitched up… some crazy old school beetles right up until a bagged RED MK5 GTI on 19 VS Work Rims…


Photos By: Etienne De Villiers Photography

“Slammed Trio”

Our resident photographer Etienne De Villiers, who has popped out of the blue and has really shocked us to our core with his skills!! He recently organised 3 golfs, including his own (white mk1 with the killer 2.0) to do his first rolling shot shoot and DAMN MR EDV, never seizes to impress us here at Capestance!!!

Car that are Featured in this shoot are strictly mk1s. first up is Zain Cook’s Maroon BBS’d MP9 which goes hoodless, A buddy of their’s murdered out mk1 and lastly and definitly not least is Etienne’s White Sleeper VW Racing 2 litre with blacked out wheels.

…If you guys want you guys believe your car is stanced enough to be featured on capestance, send us audition pics of your car to and we will get back to you! If you need any assistance with stickers or any other car related issues also feel free to mail us.

Enjoy the pics, please feel free to comment!!!!

Photos By: Etienne De Villiers Photography

Hookup at 3:30pm at greenpoint stadium

Some VW guys arranged a hookup at the stadium near McDonalds, guys will be arriving from 3.30.

Be sure to be there and stanced out or you’ll be left out!!

contact me if you need some directions, Tauriq 0761199200

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