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“Slammed Trio”

Our resident photographer Etienne De Villiers, who has popped out of the blue and has really shocked us to our core with his skills!! He recently organised 3 golfs, including his own (white mk1 with the killer 2.0) to do his first rolling shot shoot and DAMN MR EDV, never seizes to impress us here at Capestance!!!

Car that are Featured in this shoot are strictly mk1s. first up is Zain Cook’s Maroon BBS’d MP9 which goes hoodless, A buddy of their’s murdered out mk1 and lastly and definitly not least is Etienne’s White Sleeper VW Racing 2 litre with blacked out wheels.

…If you guys want you guys believe your car is stanced enough to be featured on capestance, send us audition pics of your car to and we will get back to you! If you need any assistance with stickers or any other car related issues also feel free to mail us.

Enjoy the pics, please feel free to comment!!!!

Photos By: Etienne De Villiers Photography

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