June 12, 2011 admin

Teazer: RED Perfection aka Stone-chip Skippy!!

Yes yes…we know we’ve been out of action for a while, but as we all know, life gets super busy at times and as much as I would like to post every 5 min time just does not allow for it!! We’ve managed to free up some time and we’ve gone out to search for something soooo clean it’ll make your second guess your own ride!! Its a ’97 RED Civic DOHC VTEC of Stone-chip Skippy aka Warren.. You know how they call the short bra Goliath or the ulgy, “Mooi’es”… Well thats how Stone-chip got his name, as his car is literally CLEANER than the day it rolled off the show room floor.. We did some rolling shots, to cathc this beauty in action. On our pitstop to check them out, he was unlucky to pick up to stone-chips as well. But the next day I Recieved a BBM saying “the stone-chips are history!”
We promise to deliver the full post on this clean ride within the next few days.. so stay tuned…
Teazer photo by: Etienne De Villiers