December 14, 2011 admin

Good Morning CS Lovers and Thanks to Ready D – 14 Dec ’11

Last Night, the CS Crew was lucky enough to be invited to grace the studios of Goodhope FM, we were supposed to be aired at 8 but the studio chat was going a buzz so we ended up being introduced at 830pm.
This is the first time CS has been live on air and it was a truly inspiring experience as well as a great achievement for us! We’d just like to thank Ready D once again for the invite, we greatly appreciate it!
Hope the province has been more informed of this stance movement, but if not feel free to contact me with queries of how to acquire stance. When I say stance, I do not mean your ordinary 40 or even 60mm drops, I’m refering to fitting coilover suspension (shock and spring combined in one unit, with adjustable ride height and price range from R3000-15000), “stance” wheels, camber kits and accessories which aid the stance.
You can also find a little more about stance in this months issue of speed and sound, where capestance and two of our guys are featured; Achmat Booley with the uber sexy and benchmark stanced Red prelude and Tauriq Ajam with Red Honda Ballade.
Some Overseas examples of what stance is truley about!