March 27, 2012 admin

Honda Record Hookup by Team Mugen in Partnership with CapeStance

On Sunday 1st of April, this is the 3rd annual record Honda Record hookup. It started 3 years ago, Garth, ChairMan of Team Mugen had the vision of pulling off the biggest 1 branded hookup that South Africa has ever seen. Yes it started of a bit small at 150 cars, but that was just word of mouth and through Forum. Since then he’s taken things more seriously and approach certain sponsors for prizes and to lend a helping hand.

Since he’s been a friend of CapeStance since we’ve began, we decided to collaborate with them in order to make this hookup even bigger. The last one we pulled in about 250+ cars when we aimed for 200. So this time we aiming to push the 300 mark and hopefully be well in excess of it.

In order to make each driver to feel apart of the show and to keep a tally, there is 350 stickers made which is the shape of the license sticker with that number the vehicle is as well as sponsors on board. We’ve had some guys from previous hookup of more than a year ago still rocking the sticker in memory of the event!

Thie prizes this year, we’ve got JDMWorx sponsor a full Manderel Bend Exhaust system worth R3000 rand as well as 5x dyno runs, Dynotec has sponsored 3 dyno runs as well, Wheelworx has sponsored 3 full mag refurbs worth R1000 each, RT photography Sponsoring 2 Photoshoots worth R500 each.

Previous years we’ve had some trouble with locations and it was just an informal hookup, but this year we’ve secured a proper venue and the parking of Fairbridge Mall is the venue. There is ample space and we’ve spoken with the local police and they have said they will not disrupt any of the activities of the day. So no need to be afraid.

Any queries contact Garth on 0825944269 or Tauriq on 07611992200