April 2, 2012 admin

Thanks to the Hondas

Would just like to send a huge thanks from CapeStance and Team Mugen to all the Hondas that pitch yesterday, the turnout was better than expect and we thrashed to old record totalling a massive 325 Hondas! Was really awesome day and everything went smoothly thanks to Garth’s (Founder of Team Mugen) excellent planning skills!

Next year we’re gonna aim higher as usual and hit the 350 mark and have bigger and better prizes!!

most of the pics of the event can be found at http://photofreak.co.za/wpmu/2012/04/02/12-04-01-team-mugen-record-honda-hookup/ as well as on boostsa.co.za at http://boostsa.co.za/blog/?p=3970

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  1. Inshallah we must take a drive and go braai out somewhere. B) I was frek hungry and those JDM hotdogs couldn't cut it.

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