July 9, 2012 admin

Meet ‘N Greet (Slamometer Launch) – Fri the 13th, July ’12

(FINAL information)Venue: Platterkloof Office Park in the North Corner of Bloulelie Street
Time: 8pm+
Date: Friday, 13th July 2012Contact: tauriq@capestance.com/0761199200
As the week approaches, it brings us closer to the dreaded and infamous ‘friday the 13th’! To make the day abit memorable, CAPESTANCE will be hosting a SMALL Meet ‘n Greet (MNG) – if all goes well! We are planning to launch the FIRST of MANY CHALLENGES to spice up these monotonous MNG and make them abit more interactive.
The challenge is called The Slamometer!
Pronounced: slam-ometer or slam-o-meter
Meaning: A combination of a few Calculations/Gauges, such as – the cars Height from the roof to the ground, fender to tyre distance/gap and chassis/body to ground distance.
Aim: in search of the LOWEST of the LOW..
Bear in mind, this is a beta test for the challenge so there will be some glitches and  improvements as we get some more experience with running it.
PS: its all fun and games.. so no tears and hard feelings! Its a “Team Building Event” for the cape. Leave your attitudes and manners at home! (Burnouts, Revving and Lude Behaviour will NOT be tolerated!)
With Love, stretch and poke… CapeStance