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The Bugz have Bitten!

So, after a long break of not doing any photoshoots, last Sunday we met up with Kyle and Shakier to have a roadtrip of shoot with them. Kyle is the owner of Bella, the Blue 60s beetle and Shakier of the Yellow 70s beetle. They are both of the hottest and most unique beetles in the cape, not to forget that Shakier is one of the lowest!
The first reason for the shoot was Shakier sported a super low 70mm ground clearance on side of the big at the Slamometer and mainly because I wanted to spend the daily rolling in the beetles. Unfortunately when they pitched up for the shoot the cars were to low to accommodate any passengers!
The trip started off in Rondebosch East, Cape Town and hit a couple of highways before ending up in town, heading our way down a jetty, before and after the jetty made some pitstops at our local garages and ending of at Century City parking where we had our supper. We were hoping for a clear day, but when the morning started it was accompanied by heavy rainfall – but we were determined and this wasn’t gonna get in our way … and so the day began…

Photos By: Tauriq Ajam
PART 2 …


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