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Streetmods 2012 – CapeStance Invades

Before I begin my write up, we’d just like to apologize for the lack of content being published on the website. The past few months have been quite hectic, running around organising everything before Streetmods and getting all the CapeStance clothing etc ready, which you can now buy directly from us! More details on that later though!

The real rush came last week, when everyone from the CS familia was running around like crazy trying to get everything ready for the Cape’s biggest car show of the year. Wheels and tires were bought, suspension was fitted and cars were detailed till all hours of the early morning.

On Saturday morning the guys headed out to the Velodrome to start setting up for the next day. I only arrived after about 2pm and things were looking good so far!

We stayed at the Velodrome to finish setting up and to watch the rest of the cars come in and do the last final touches to the cars. Most of the familia left in the evening but a few of us including myself, Keagan and Tauriq decided to stay the night. Luckily we had Keagan’s Xbox to keep us entertained.

 Super neat!

 Adi making some stickers for the CS cars on display.

 Shaakir’s Beetle sitting perfectly. Static all the way.

 Yoshi blomming in Keagan’s bay.

Last few touches being done on Yaeesh’s stance trike.

 Achmat’s sexy CRX. Definitely the best looking rex in SA in my opinion!

 Branding the trike.

 The CS 35’s

PowerRun’s sexy wrapped M3 drop-top.

After staying awake the ENTIRE night, myself and Tauriq decided to that we needed some sleep so we headed back to CS quarters to get some last minute sleep.
When we arrived back at the Velodrome at 11:30 it was already packed, and we watched as people came to look at the cars we had on display.
But now I will let the pictures do the talking. Hope you enjoy them!

 Our good friend Werner from CPi Chiptuning with his 320kw Golf 6 GTi.

 “Omgaaaaad! Air” My favourite picture of the day!

 Some of the CS Familia!

 Yaeesh’s evil Civic.

 Tauriq catching a quick snooze.

At the end of it all it was a fantastic event, and was much enjoyed by all!
Thanks to those who came past the stand and had a look at what we have in store within the CS familia! There were a few cars missing that will definitely be on display next time!

Words and pictures: Jason Clifton

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  1. Thanx guys! Appreciate the comments, mail me and we can organize the posting of the merchandise

  2. Nice cars gents and super crazy pics any pics of the prelude on that day that was rolling with the 18s on he also had CapeStance stickers on ?

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