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Hondas in the Hood – Part 1

These days car clubs are usually about joining a forum, going to regular meetups and breakfast runs and other meetings, and that’s about it. After joining CapeStance a few months ago, I noticed that we are much more than just that.

 I’ve learned in this whole scene that its not about who’s car looks the best or who’s car is the quickest, its all about the people you meet and the friends you make. And that’s what CapeStance is, a family of different people from different areas with different cars, all uniting and bonding because a mutual love and a culture.

 Nowadays, I can expect a BBM message or a phonecall from the CS guys asking who’s keen to mission somewhere and do something random and awesome. That’s pretty much how this shoot came about.
Most of you have seen Achmat’s super clean CRX at Streetmods and driving around, and Keagan’s lovely example of an EK Civic on Airlift Performance airbag suspension, but we’ve never really done a proper shoot on both of these cars. So we met up and decided to take some pics.

These days you won’t often see an extremely neat Honda CRX driving around. But when you do you will definitely notice it. Achmat’s rex is just that, a head-tuner. Most certainly one of the neatest in Cape Town and also, in my opinion, the best looking! Full details of the CRX will be posted in Part 2!

When I first met Keagan he was the owner of one of the lowest static EK Civic’s I have ever seen. Since then, he has been through a number of other EK’s and even a VW,  but Keagan is a true Honda head and just could not resist another EK Civic which is the one he owns today.
This EK started out life as a silver old spec which was not in the best condition ever. But after getting stuck into it, Keags has turned it into one of the neatest old specs in Cape Town. The car was resprayed a dark grey found on Acura RSX’s which has a gold tint to it in certain light. A Mugen front lip and CTR grille, rear lip, wing and rear fog light was also fitted to complete the look.

Keagan has always wanted his cars to be as low as possible, but with the condition of Cape Town roads not being fantastic, it is just not practical. So he got his hands on a Airlft air suspension kit for the front which makes things much easier when it comes to speedbumps and driveways and bad roads. The ride height at the back is sorted with adjustable BC Coilovers.
Movember in December!
Tauriq admiring the stunning EK Civic next to him.
Part two of this shoot done by the owner of the CRX, Achmat Booley, will be posted soon. So keep your eyes peeled for that, its gonna be good!
Words and photos by Jason Clifton.

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  1. Great post Jason, love the pics and especially the insider info on the true stance culture..

  2. Great post Jason, love the pics and especially the insider info on the true stance culture..

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