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Davin Pick’s Green Street-Hooligan

The trend that seems to be now, is Mk1, and another example of a clean yet classy is Davin Picks Mk1 Rabbit.
I first spotted Davin slithering through in traffic, my jaw dropped, my eyes popped and the hunt to find this car was on. It had taken me two hours ( that felt like two days) to get his details and the deal was sealed, shoot was planned, location sorted, cameras batteries charged and ready to go.

The little green goblin is an eight month build that has now finally made its mark in Cape Town, for those who don’t know Davin is originally from George, an area just outside of Cape Town and moved he to the Cape about Five years ago, and are we glad that he did!

There are too many things to say about Davin and his ride, so just like he did with his build, I will keep it simple!

The car is a 1978 Mk1 Golf, and for a lady of her age one cannot expect a gem, but with time and patience this beauty has been fully restored with new old parts. Every panel inside and out has been replaced leaving her in pristine condition.

Davin has a few more tricks up his sleeve. There are a few minor changes taking place on the Rabbit soon, to enhance the appearance and make her even more appealing to the eye.

A 1.8litre fuel injected power lump has been fitted, making a sexy ride, sitting pretty on Tuning Art coilovers,  et 7j upfront and et 8j’s schmidts in the rear all wrapped up on Nankang 195/45/15 rubbers!

Dav has also informed me that he has already started a second build, also with a VW badge attached to it! And hey, I called dibbs for a feature!
All in all it was an awesome day, with an awesome car but for now, enjoy the pics of the green street hooligan..

Pictures: Achmat Booley
Words: Kyle Petersen

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