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Subtle Stunner – Mujaahid’s Static Accord

 My obsession with this Accord started at about 2am on a Sunday morning,
we had just arrived at the Bellville Velodrome to prepare for the
Streetmods Motor Show. The Show had promised to be an awesome event,
with quality rides. Walking around to meet and greet in the corner of my
eye, there it was, Mujaahids Accord! 
Once getting to know Mujaahid and the history of the car, we all knew
this was a feature. I had recently called Mujaahid and arranged a shoot,
with a fellow brother from Hoodride SA, Jarred Williams, who took a road
trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town( just over 1000km) to also feature
the Type S on Hoodride SA.
Cape Town, South Africa is one of the many places that were blessed
with way too many potholes and speed humps just around every corner.
Many people have asked if this Accord was bagged because of the ride
height, but no! This Type S is static!

To achieve the height that this Accord sits at, a set BC Coilovers were fitted. And believe it or not, this is not the lowest it
can go! As mentioned before, because of our wonderful roads,
Mujaahid is not able to drive any lower, or he would be taking home
chunks of tar daily!
The Type S sits perfectly on the tar, its like a well prepared cocktail!
With a combination of front and rear tuck with just a pinch of camber
to give it the perfect flavor!
After blowing the motor of his superbike and soon becoming a married man, Mujaahid looked for a car that was different but also practical, and which he knew he could customize and make it look awesome. After seeing this Type S, he fell inlove and just had to have it.
Mujaahid hasn’t stopped with a good looking stance car, the mod bug had
bitten him so he fitted a 63mm into 57mm Powerflow catback, a K&N
Typhoon Induction Kit with Injen dry charger and a Unichip fitted and tuned
by Topend racing. After putting the car on the dyno, it made 168kw and
Now that performance was sorted, the looks needed to be sorted. After looking at many Accord’s and TSX’s on the international websites, Mujaahid had an idea of the look he was going for, and fitted a set of BBS LM reps, 8.5j all round. To get the ride height right, a set of BC Racing BR Series coilovers was fitted.
Mujaahid still has a few plans left for the Accord which should be set into place soon, so we can’t wait to see how this car will evolve in the next few months! Seeing that the car is part of Casual Society, we know it will be nothing short of epic!
Hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures! Be sure to check out HoodRide SA’s coverage of the same feature!

Words by Kyle Petersen and Jason Clifton
Pictures by Jason Clifton

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