Slamometer II (Saturday, 6th Apr)
There’s been rumours going around that
the lack of activity on the site, hosting events or even the attendance to
hookups means that CapeStance is dead or broken up. However, this is quite the
opposite. 2013 brings a year with loads of change and loads of new surprises
and game-changing moves being made. The first of these actions that would put
these rumors to an end is the long awaited Slamometer II.
Slamometer was
introduced last year as a result of the ridiculous increase in the monotonous
hookups that were hosted all through the cape, every weekend. The Slamometer
was born in order to resolve and spice the game up just a little and also just
to establish who is really reshaping the tar on the streets and those who need
to up their game by getting closer with Mother Nature.
Like we have proven
through our track record, when we do something we always give our best as a
familia and aim to either reach new benchmarks or completely change the game.
Last year, the Slamometer was held in a private business park and in an
underground parking which was completely unexpected. This year, we have
something a bit more special in store.
Be sure to be there
and experience the First real Stance Event of 2013 hosted in the mother city –
Cape Town.
Date: 6th April 2013, Saturday
Time: 4pm-8pm
Location: Tekton, Parow in King Edward Street opposite Parow Mark
Vendors are Welcome contact us below for any futher inquiries.
0761199200 (Tauriq) / 0732234665 (Kyle) / 0764857288 (Achmat)

Icing Sugar – Yunus Sweet Candy MK6 GTi

At Capestance we are always trying to bring you cars that are fresh on the scene, cars that we very seldom see at hookups or events. I must admit, I myself haven’t seen this MK6 Gti to the day the shoot was scheduled. We’ve seen random camera phone snaps and could acknowledge that this is a clean quality MK6, but pictures do this car no justice.

Yunus followed a simple recipe with his Gti. The “less is more” concept. Keeping it simple with subtle touches that enhance the character of the over manufactured MK6 Gti that we know and admire.

Yunus not only enhanced its appearance, but its soul as well. Giving it a software upgrade, fitting a down pipe, induction and exhaust.

I could speak about the 595 (the cars street name) and not get bord, but let me shut my trap and enjoy the pics that follow!

Towards the front, Yunus added a Reiger lip and de-badged the grill giving it more of 
an aggressive look. 

Walking slowly around it, just looking at how well it all
fit together. The 19inch HRE wheels wrapped in fresh low profile 225/25/19 Yokohama S Drives. 
The H&R lowering kit closing the gap between the wheel and arches. 

Carbon fibre rear wing sprayed white. 
Which I personally think looks much better color coded on this car.

A little birdy told us he approves…

Photos: Achmat Booley
Words: Kyle Petersen

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