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The Unicorn

Noor Abrahams’ VW Golf Mk3 GTi 3-door
This particular MK3 is no ordinary Golf GTI, although the MK3 is notably the underdog out of all the GTi models to date. This particular one stands out, not only because of it being a rare to SA soil but also due to the extremely particular and finicky nature of its owner, Mr Noor Abrahams.
Around 2006 I was introduced to Noor, by a friend of mine Raees Amien (12Twentyfour). Walking into Noors’ garage and home for the first time was like opening a personal biography, as his home is a true reflection of his MK3 and VW love and his finicky or OCD tendencies so to say. The white golf featured here, stood in this very parking spot above for countless years to date and back then it stood alongside a beautiful Maroon MK3 Jetta VR6, Wolfsburg Edition. Both these cars were immaculately taken care of. Any panel or imperfection was instantaneously swopped out for brand new OEM parts from the VW agents. Walking past the two ladies, only the golf being wrapped up under a German imported car cover (which is softer than most people’s underwear) as the Jetta was used more often than not. I was confronted by some of the OEM TT “Fat Five” wheel setup that was just gathering dust. However, the Jetta is now replaced by a MK5 Golf GTI. Entering his home, you are welcomed with this clinically clean feel and unusually neat arrangement of furniture and it was dressed with some personal canvas prints of his works of art. Immediately I could tell that this MK3 was no stroke of luck, it’s just an extension of the personality and passion that is hidden in the mind of Noor Abrahams. This car is one of those cars that are basically on of the unicorns of the local scene, mostly because she is kept safe undercover and garaged most of its life. Hardly ever coming out if the weather is a bit overcast or if there is going to be a chance of only find a tight parking spot. So getting to feature this fine example of a MK3 was really an honour.
The Following are words from Noor himself:
“I always wanted a 3-door Golf ever since I became friends with the owner way back when I was in high-school with a German dude by the name of Hans who came to study in SA and brought along his 1989 Golf Mk2 GTi 16v in oak green complete with BBS RS 15in alloys.After a hunt for a few years, and a serious search for 1year, I managed to come across a guy on the VWClub.co.za forum who owned an immaculate 1996 Golf GTi 8v in black complete with sunroof but no aircon. After much negotiating he informed me he will contact me when he is ready to sell as he must keep the car for 24months on his name. At the 23rd month I contacted him and was informed this car was already sold. I felt really upset although that soon changed when the same guy informed me he still has a white mk3 GTi with aircon but no sunroof. 3months later this was parked in my garage after being hauled from JHB by trailer. It was March 2007 and at that point I already had most of the parts which was to be fitted. The car was stock standard and original – perfect to serve the basis for a project car.

By June 2007, the car had a full respray in Arctic white by Cannings, I had brand-new VR6 Highline bumpers fitted, stubby Cabrio Mk4 mirrors, cabrio Mk4 beadings, and some tasty after-market parts all fitted. I hated the black top-textured bumpers and those textured beadings as after the rain, you find the silicone running down the lower half of the car so therefore wanted these full colour coded items as they more practical and less of an eye-sore. The car was lowered on Traxxion coilovers with Koni sleeves. A brand-new full stainless steel Powerflow system was installed to ensure the exhaust note still maintained that GTi sporty sound with dual chrome tailpieces finishing it off.

All lighting on the car was changed to Hella Mk4 headlights, in.pro crystal foglights and indicators and FK crystal clear/red tail lights. My theme for the car was based on an Audi since Audi uses the same paint code for their A3/A4 models which looks like a cream base colour. For this very reason I approached Audi and requested where I can get the same leather in cinnamon brown. They informed me most approved re-upholsterers should be able to supply me this and kindly gave me the exact colour code. I went to visit the good guys at Domingoes in Salt River who I used previously on our maroon VR6 3litre and they retrimmed my seats in 2days flat with doorcards!

Some final details on the interior included a Momo Fighter Zebrano wood/leather steering wheel, Momo leather gearknob, audi TT aluminium pedals, cabrio Mk4 chrome door handles, cabrio Mk4 chrome tip brake handle, Sony Xplode headunit, Macrom split speaker set, Bazooka 8in basstube to finish off the sound. I also had a full tilt/slide Webasto sunroof fitted as supplied to our local Mk3’s when they were sold here in SA.
All the above work was completed over a 3month period from start to finish. The last and most important feature of the car was my very first set of BBS wheels which are the very rare BBS RV208 in brilliant silver (only 2,500 sets ever made globally in 17×7.5J ET35). To get the rear stance perfect I fitted 7mm aluminium hub-centric spacers. As an alternate setup I also ran genuine Audi TT wheels from time to time to match the Audi theme running throughout the car.Future changes are that I am still searching high and low for a new set of super rare Hella Colour Magic all-red tail lights to ensure the car remains true to the OEMplus theme.

Although Noor say the car is far from complete, it was still worthy of being given some special attention and a feature and we were lucky enough to get Lorenzo Lakay (link to the video on CasualSociety) to join us to capture a video of this beauty. This is especially because, even though Noor owned this car for so many years no one was really able to secure a proper feature until now. We hope to hear from Noor soon, especially because he has a new wheel setup that we are dying to expose. Its something that has a bit of a Porsche smell to it. So keep tuned, you’ll sure be seeing more of this infamous MK3!

Photos: Achmat Booley
Video: Lorenzo Lakay (Casual Society)
Words: Tauriq Ajam and Noor Abrahams

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    • Yo AV Fan, I’m real happy for you and Ima let you finish but the Germans has one of the best anti-aircraft of all time of all TIME!!!

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