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Flippie’s Slammed Civic

Its only been 6 months since Flippie first got his hands on this completely stock civic and in this time he managed to mould her into the vision he had from the moment they first met. In this short space of time Flippie has changed his wheel setup more times than some people have ever bought in their lifetime.



The wheel whoring started off with a set of 15×8.25J Advan Racing wheels purchased from Shaba Mags (Shabeer Motala), then onto a set of HRE Vintage style wheels, then a set Volk CE28 style wheels and finally on to his current setup – 15×8.5J AC Schnitzer Type 01 Style wheels. Flippie decided to stretch a set of 175/50/15 hankook tyres on them, so that they can clear the fenders while riding slammed.


The suspension comprises of a shortened shock with custom set of Megan Racing sleeve over springs. He first fitted the sleeve over kit on standard shocks and he immediately turned them on their lowest setting. However, stock shock was restricting him from reaching that beloved tuck. He sent the shocks in to be shortened, customised the Sleeve over kit and fitted Buddy club camber kits. The result is the ride height you see before you, which in his opinion is tucking perfection!


Flippie has that classic Less is more approach to his styling that we at CapeStance cant get enough of! In the saturated Honda scene Flippie want to distinguish his civic from the rest but still keep with the OEM styling. So he went with adding a prelude front spoiler which is current replaced with the EK SIR front spoiler.


In addition to this he smoked the headlights in a Type R fashion, sprayed the rear tail lights full red, electric Spoon mirrors, JDM quick release bumper kit, F1 racing style rear brake light, Type R Seeker rear wing, spoon brake reservoir covers, JDM extended gear knob and extended wheel nuts. Everything was fitted by Flippie himself, he says it was child’s play because he’s daily profession is being a heavy duty truck mechanic.


This ride height obviously brought new challenges for Flippie, the first of which was cat-eyes that kept ripping his exhaust system off the manifold. It happened about 4 times and this forced him to have the exhaust tucked close to the chassis to get some further clearance.


The low life struggles are endless for Flippie because he stays on a farm and the roads and his driveway is not at all practical even though he faces these challenges he hasn’t complained about it or made any excuses as to why he doesn’t ride low. He just suffers the worse and sticks it out so his car can always look how envisioned it – slammed and tucking hard!
Its been a while since there has been some Hondas in the South African scene that are really pushing the boundaries, Flippie’s civic is definitely one of those extraordinary cars. The passion he has for the low life and efforts for that fitment is admirable and we hope that it can inspire you to push the low boundaries and aim to be the Fittest.





Photos and words by: Tauriq Ajam

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