May 6, 2015 admin

Chocolate Gold

We bring you something special today. A double feature of one the most loved and talked about cars in South Africa. It is only as a result of the dedication of a stance enthusiast – Flippie Viljoen. Within a matter of a month he has resprayed his car twice thus resulting in his car having 3 completely different looks in less than a year. This is a truly remarkable feat that not many can pull off. Two features ago we introduced Flippie’s car and she has now been named as Katy. Flippie believes that this name is a sort of an oxymoron to the constant mysterious ways of his car. Flippie is definitely one of the trend setters in the Cape Scene and if not South Africa. We can assure you that there is plenty more to come from him this year. Firstly we recap with the Turquoise he pulled out the bag for King of Slam V2, this paint job caused a lot of arguments between people who attended. The question on everyones mind was if the car had been dipped or actually re-sprayed, but in the true nature of flipping the game it was in actual fact a real re-spray.
The second part of this feature showcases the fresh new paint and killer new wheels Flippie fitted for the Rides and Vibes Show. Now Flippie didn’t have to go through the time and effort to get a whole new paint job and rims but he did anyway. His passion for the scene and keeping Katy fresh is what drives his dedication to stand out from the rest and we truly commend him for all his effort. The current look is a deep chocolate brown with gold plated 16″ BBS RS style rims wrapped in super skinny Nankangs.
Words and Photos By: Tauriq Ajam and Wade Lambert


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