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Back to the Old School

The feature for Matthew’s VW Mk1 ‘Halle’ has been a long time coming. His dedication to get the car as near perfect as possible has been a true test of patience and hours of hard work. The car took a pivotal turn when he decided to change the car to reflect a more old school look. This involved fenders, bumpers and grill replacement. Halle also received a fresh new coat of paint. Matthew has been able to get Halle sitting nicely on 8j 20 Offset all round 15″ OZ Turbo Style wheels wrapped in 165/50/15 rubber. Halle isn’t just your average cruising Mk1, Matthew has fitted a 2.0 8v long block, managed by a Dictator System, 276 Cam, 4-2-1 Branch and 50mm 1 box Exhaust system.

With the new look the car has really grown a personality and is loved and appreciated by many!

_MG_1445S _MG_1458S _MG_1463 copy _MG_1507 _MG_1515 _MG_1528 _MG_1540S _MG_1544 _MG_1546-2 _MG_1549S _MG_1567S _MG_1575S _MG_1581 _MG_1589_MG_1505_MG_1489_MG_1517_MG_1511

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