July 20, 2015 Achmat Booley

Zeeno’s MK6R

Zeeno’s MK6R

Recently one of our familia members finally fulfilled his dream of purchasing a MK6R, the search wasn’t easy as he wanted no other colour but Reflex Silver.

As soon as he purchased the vehicle he contacted me to say he’s ready to go air. So CapestanceAir hooked him up with a full Airlift Setup.

The suspension:

Airlift Performance Series Front Struts

Airlift Performance Series Rear bags

Airlift Lightweight Brushed Aluminium Skinny Air tank

Airlift Autopilot V2 management

ViAir 444cc Twin Pack

The car is sitting on 19” 9J Tarmac style wheels with 215/35 infront and 235/35 rears.

The styling on Zeenos car is typical Capestance oem+ styling with a flush front bumper and an aftermarket rear spoiler to give the car an extra edge.

Zeeno has only had the car for a few months now, so we can surely expect more from him and his MK6R in months to come. Maybe even attend the infamous VW Campfest next year February.

Photos By: Achmat Booley
Video: SD Studios
Words: Tauriq Ajam