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Ziyaad’s Bagged RunX

Ziyaad bought his RunX in july 2012, RunX being the logical upgrade for any toyota enthusiast as he previously own a corolla 20V prior. The most attractive aspect to him was the styling to the car as well as the “lift” aspect.He’s first scene step was where he joined X-men Car Club and then met Nithaam Fakier who were featured a couple months ago and he confess that Nithaam is the one that introduced him to the stance scene. First event he attend was Rides and Vibes 2013 but the car was still stock but lowered of course.
After he attended a few shows, he wanted to get a bit more serious and he purchased a set of BC Racing VM1s but unfortunately he wasn’t satisfied with the lows and he later purchased the uprated BC coilovers BR series in attempt to achieve new lows but sadly it was still not to his satisfaction. Thereafter he needed to sort out some fitment and he opted for a set of 17×7.5 Volk Racing TE37 style wheels and wrapped them in 195/40/R17 and 205/40/R17 tyres for running some good tuck. The white one white look really made waves in the lowcal scene.
Thereafter he attended King of Slam 2014 and Only the Fittest 2014 with the new look. He again confess that at OTF14 is where he made the decision that going Air is the only way forward.
A few months later he contacted CapestanceAir and the car under went the operation and this is currently where we find the car.


The Air setup consists of Airlift built-up struts, Dual 444cc ViAir Compressor, 20lt Air tank sprayed white to match the cars body colour, ViAir dual needle guage, with remote control and the boot setup went a subtle OEM+ style boot setup. Not leaving the motor out of the mods list, he fitted the car with a 63mm mandrel bend exhaust by Jaylan Performance Exhaust, motorcade cold air induction and ported intake and branch.
Words and Photos:  Tauriq Ajam & Mohammed Hoosain
Video: SD Studios
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