August 20, 2015 Achmat Booley

Reza Bagged MK7

Reza’s story is a simple one.. Having previously owned a 98 MK4 GTI, an import 04 MK4 2 door and not long after, upgrading to a 06 MK5 GTI he stepped it up a notch. Reza found himself at the point where most car guys find themselves, looking for a bit more. The mods started slowly creeping into his pocket, factory software upgrade was on the cards, cold air induction was seen to and so forth. The mk5 was at a stage where it started becoming addictive , soon after a set of VMAXX coilovers were fitted HRE reps wrapped in 215 / 35 rubbers were purchased Reza found his comfort zone “It wasn’t the lowest or fastest but it was my pride and joy like any other car enthusiast would feel about their car I was content”. The love for the stance scene grew by spending time with like-minded people who shared the same passion and love of stance.

 The decision is never easy when looking to buy a car. There are many things to consider, for some we ponder on the things like wheel choice, how accessible are parts? Overall maintenance etc., fortunately for Reza the decision was a simple one to make. Reza’s history with cars has one thing that remained constant. If it was not a Volkswagen he would not buy it.

Just over a year ago he made the decision to buy a new car. The vision was clear, the basics were covered, the direction was there, and Volkswagen would be the first choice. Weeks of research, many late nights and dealer visits the purchase was finalised. He says “To be honest, it was most definitely not love at first sight , looking at her on the show room floor in 4×4 mode was an eye sore but I had my vision for it” The 2014 MK7 1.4 TSI had no idea what she was in for.

 The objective was to be the first slammed MK7 in Southern Africa, Reza opted for BC VM1’coilover kit, a fresh set of wheels followed shortly after when he sourced 18 x 7.5 BBS Speedlines. The wheels were not in the best shape, and were sent to the resident wheel doctor at International Rim Repair for a fresh coat of paint and shiny new lips. The overall product was one that left many in awe, but was it enough? Is it ever enough? The questions about air suspension followed shortly, not long after the booking was made at CSAir.

After fitting air, a wheel change was needed as the current offset and width of the OEM+ wheels were no longer doing it for the build. Reza purchased a set of MESSER ME03-3 TURBO-FAN DEEP CONCAVE wheels from Shaba Mags.

The build is not complete as of yet, according to Reza, as there are minor details to be done to set it apart from the rest. The current stage of the mk7 is what we see today, from here on it can only get better. Enjoy the set!

Photographs: Achmat Booley / Words: Kyle Petersen




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