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Shane’s Bagged MK5

Shane’s Bagged MK5

Probably one of the best balanced MK5’s in the scene, a car that started out as a performance build by API performance is now laying its frame thanks to Air Suspension fitted by Capestance Air.

This is a feature that is well over due but one that needed to be done. Mostly because Capestance Air’s establishment was based upon the release of this car and quite literally put our business on the map. Since then we have done a few other cars, but you know you always a special place in your heart for your first. We met Shane through Riyaad at International Rim Repair and he always told me how crazy and particular he is. We eventually had a taste when Shane sent me a private message on Facebook while he was working overseas in Dubai, asking me when we can collect his car to hook him up with some air. This is where it all began.



The car started off as a stock GTi with a R32 rear bumper but the paint work was not up to scratch and had a set of 19” rims. While we were discussing the build, Joey’s Original WCI CC10s became available and I informed Shane and he said he was in the process of importing a set of rims and that this deal couldn’t have come in a better time. So we contacted Joey and next thing you know it the wheels were on its way from Johannesburg to Cape Town. So we finally had the major parts to building this master piece and in a few days the system was installed and the wheels were fitted.



Having the lows and fitment perfected, this immediately emphasised the need of TLC in regards to the body work. So we undertook the build for Shane while he was in dubai and took the car into Coles Auto Body for a full Respray. Which they did in record timing – 3 Days and we had the car ready for its first show that weekend which was King of Slam. The car made waves as it was the first time Cape Town got to experience perfect fitment in the flesh.


Specs on the Air:

Airlift Slam Series XL Fronts

Airlift Slam Rears

Airlift Autopilot V2

444cc ViAir Compress

20lt Air Tank

Setup fitted by Capestance Air



The car started out as a performance driven car but now dominates in both the race and stance scene now.


2005 GTi axx with

JE forged Pistons and conrods,

Franken turbo KO4 hybrid,

S3 injectors and intercooler,

bwa head,

intergrater engineering pcv block off,

R8 coil pack,

forge short shift,

Sachs stage 3 clutch kit,

arp head studs,

run flap delete kit,

evoms induction,

auto tech hpfp













Photos and words: Tauriq Ajam

Video: SD Studios