September 2, 2015 Achmat Booley

Shaba’s Bagged MK2

The breadth of the car culture consists of more than good looking cars. It is said 75 to 80 per cent of friends that we have are derived from the car scene today. The search for content had subsequently become a lot simpler. The scene as we know it has made an unexpected twist for the better, gone are the days of The Fast and Furious inspired over dramatized use of parts and modifications. The cliché of “less is more” is now more common than ever. The objective of building a car has shifted from something that looks impractical to drive but maintains the intended comfort and appeal as if it had just left the production line.

The owner of this build is a familiar name to many households; he has more “happy clients” than major super markets in and around South Africa. Shabeer Motala aka Shaba Mags is the owner of “the lady in red” as he calls her. Having previously owned a number of VW’s, one that stood out was he’s Black 92 MKII 2L 8V in 1997. Unfortunately owning the car for a period of only twelve months Shabba met in an accident and she was declared a write off. To anyone that has ever owned a car, and truly understands the bond between man and machine, we empathise with him for his loss. Shabba with an unfurnished place in his heart, set out to find the perfect replacement. After much perseverance, determination and being proper “charou” (as he calls himself), Shabba had managed to convince a friend of his to part with this gem and called it his own.

The 1987 MKII 2Door GT was purchased in October of 2014. Her life had started out as a 1.6litre Automatic; she had undergone an engine displacement later that year, giving new life from a 2.0l 8V and manual transmission. Being almost 30 years old; it’s expected of her to boast with perfect imperfections. The paint work was a tired, dreary red that was seeking a reawakening. The fortunate thing as mentioned before is that we have friends in the trade and she was sent to Coles Auto body for the attention she required. “The lady in red” was blossoming like the first day of spring.


Resistance Lifestyle was hosting an event (King of Slam 2014) and it was decided she would attend her first show, at this stage Shabba had opted for 16” JNC 8j fronts & 9j rear wheels with gold centres and polished lips, and the execution was flawless. Working with a limited budget for time, it was decided he would he heat compress the springs, to give her the much deserved lows she needed. Not long after, Capestances’ Only the Fittest (OTF14) show was on the events calendar and Shabba found it necessary to make a few changes. Show day was less than one week away, Shabba went crazy and contacted Capestance AIR. The booking was made and she made her 1st appearance at OTF14 with the freshly bagged setup.


Shabeer’s MKII has been trending many looks over the past few months (perks of selling wheels), until he managed to source a set of 16” Work VS Mesh 3 piece splits. The wheels were sent to the resident wheel doctor at International Rim Repair for polishing , the result is what we see today.

The old lady has a few surprises lined up for the near future; replacement of OEM parts and subtle changes will take place, we look forward to see what else he has lined up. Shabba says she might not be his daily commute, but he enjoys seeing her lay frame in the drive way.


Words: Kyle Petersen / Photographs: Achmat Booley