September 25, 2015 Achmat Booley

Chad’s Bagged Polo 6R GTi – Megan

This little red, known as Megan is owned by Chad April. In January of this year we bagged his yellow Audi S3 aka Custard and which was built as a performance inspired but was finished off aesthetically with some stance as she has made her mark and chad wanted to explore the stance games. After Capestance Air completed the S3 barely in time for VW Campfest 2015, his air addiction begun and a just a few months after he sent his daily for the Capestance Air treatment.

Megan was bought for the purpose of using it as a daily, as custard was in a highly tuned state – a weekend car and used for racing. Chad had no intention of fitting any mods to Megan as he wanted to keep fuel costs low and wasn’t planning on keeping it long. But after a few months the car really started to grow on him as she was nippy and a fun daily in and around town. As all car enthusiast we know without a doubt even if we say we won’t modify our cars, it’s inevitable. It’s in our blood and in our nature. 


“I’m a racer not ricer” as Chad would call himself, naturally his first mods were performance related. I’m sure most car enthusiasts can agree when one says, that the sound of the car is what makes the experience even more exciting. Chad was not too happy with the factory sound that was being produced and that it sounded weak, so he fitted an aftermarket ALB down pipe to enhance the exhaust tone. That first mod broke the seal, and there was no turning back. Soon after he removed the ALB down pipe and fitted a Miltek down pipe. He then opted for Revo stage 2 software and an ITG Intake with the help of his good friend, Shaun Moloo. 



Wheels and suspension were next on the list. Still wanting to keep the looks basic, as it was a daily and not wanting to break the bank. Chad opted for a set of Audi BBS speedline style wheels and eibach drop springs just to give a sportier look. Minor changes were made here and there such as Audi Q7 super charged badges to the sides and cross polo side mirrors. As the car didn’t come with xenons, he ordered a set of HID’s from Jabsport and fitted those for that brighter future. In 2014 Megan won best female ride, as at that time his girlfriend now fiancé Jade Kelly Andrews owned the car. He said “she fell more in love with the car than me”, so he generously gave it to her.

Before Megan was sent down to us from Johannesburg to Capestance Headquarters, Chad fitted a polo R bumper and had the diffuser and side sills painted piano black aswell as the roof. He also added miltek 76mm exhaust tips so that the unveil of Megan would be a complete makeover.


Capestance Air then fitted Megan with a basic custom built setup which comprises of Airlift bags upfront and custom rear bags with 8mm lines. A ViAir 444c compressor and upgraded solenoids with external remote and ViAir dual needle gauge, custom Drop plates for extra rear lows and so that the wheel is centred when aired out instead of having that typical swing axle fitment where the wheel sits too close to the front of the arch when aired out. As we wanted maximum lows the 18″ Speedlines weren’t cutting it, so we fitted 17″ 1552 formula style wheels, 7.5j front and 8.5j rear with some 185/35/17″ Nankang tyres which was supplied by Shaba mags. Capestance Air also had the downpipes tucked and fitted a full exhaust by Pro-fit exhaust.


There are still a few mods lined up for Megan, the Foxy red Polo, who stole the hearts of many. Interior, some sick OEM wheels, forge cooler and director valve to name a few. 

Photos: Achmat Booley

Video: SD Studios

Words: Tauriq Ajam