October 7, 2015 Achmat Booley

Lil’Brat, the Bagged 1

Tarryn’s Bagged E82 1 Series – Lil’Brat

Tarryn’s journey is a rather simple one, yet it is one that sets a milestone in the South African stance scene as she is the first female in Cape Town scene to be riding on Air and the second female in South Africa. Yes, relatively to the international scene South Africa is very young and this isn’t really regarded as anything special internationally but to us it is and we’re on our way to make our mark world wide.


Her journey for fitness started out in a static nature where in march 2014, she purchased a set of BC Racing, BR series coilovers for her 2010 e82 BMW 1 Series. A few months after she opted for the Local favourite WCI CC10 Style wheel with specs of 8.5j all around in a diamond cut finish.


She shares with us that her dream of getting her car fit came when she had previously owned a mini cooper s and as fate had it she was now torn between yet again upgrading or going knee deep and bagging her beloved. Wisely she opted to going Air and she knew there was no other place she wanted to get it done other than by Capestance Air.


The Car was fitted with a Custom built CSAir struts using Airlift bags, 444cc ViAir compressor and solenoid operated valve and remote control for the suspension. The E82 chassis seems as if it was built for air because unlike VWs and Hondas, there was no major structural alterations required in order for her car to lay frame. To complete the release of the air setup, Tarryn opted to have her rims colour matched by International Rim Repair.







Photos: Achmat Booley

Video: SD Studios

Words: Tauriq Ajam

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