Fantasy Rides Launch 2017

We had the privilege of being flown into Jozi by Tariq Moose the owner of Fantasy Rides customs specifically to judge the cars at the launch of his new premises. The hospitality of the Jozi guys and scene was really astounding, I really can’t see why all the jozi lowcals are always complaining about the lack of unity in their scene. Especially  because its even more close knit than other cities they look up to. The quality of the builds and the rides are on par with the Cape and PE, in certain instances I believe its even better. This could be because the scene is fresh to us at Capestance, but we will see later through the year as we intend on attending more shows in Jozi!

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TBTS with Capestance – Ricci’s bagged G7 by CSAir

At the time of Ricci coming to us we did not for see what was to come, South Africa’s most expensive air build. Initially starting as a RSA95k build is currently sitting with a complete installing at a couple of thousand above the R100k mark.

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TBTs with Capestance – Matthew Samuels’ Static MK1 Golf

Throwback Thursdays with Capestance – We just realised this week we have some cool old content and videos that hasn’t made it to our youtube channel yet and thought we’d schedule a day in the week for the next weeks to post up old material just to commemorate the past and give the old footage some time to shine again. Read more

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