Game Changer Returns

October 22, 2015
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October 22, 2015 admin

Game Changer Returns

Tauriq Ajam’s bagged Benz, W115.

We’ve featured this car a few times before and quite a little has changed on it since its release on to the Cape Town scene back in 2012. Yes she is sort of the Capestance mascot, but we also believe she should be the role model with the message that in some cases the most basic builds can feature time and time again. At the same time guys forget that the car scene is about building cars you love for yourself and to the best of your ability and NOT building it for features and attention which is a key mistake people are doing in 2015. Yes, people love their car making it into magazines, websites and photography pages, but if people are not doing that then its not their fault. It lies with the owner of the car to put in extra effort and in some case can mean more money and some cases could mean spending it wisely as basically the winning recipe to date is “Less is MORE”! We say this with the most humble and unbiased opinion because we hope that this could be a sort of inspiration to those who feel that financial struggles are result of their inability to feature. Ultimately Mila just a car with lows and real split wheels (which costed not much more than replicas), that was built on a student budget.


So this one goes out the underdogs, WE have the potential to give the guys who have a bit more cash than most a run for their money. We say this because everyone forgets or doesn’t know that Capestance is approaching its 5th birthday and was born with just cars on coilovers, replicas, cameras and student to no budgets but coupled with a bucket load of passion!

Photo: Lisa Gabriel Photgraphy

Video: Skollie Respected Hooligan

Words: Tauriq Ajam