Manuchem’s Bagged Hyundai i20 by Capestance Air

July 4, 2016
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Manuchem’s Bagged Hyundai i20 by Capestance Air

Many of you would ask – “Why bag an i20?” and this is exactly the reason why Manuchem (AKA Noengs) did it. Manuchem believed the beauty is in it’s unusual nature and at the same time gives us a chance to appreciate what Air Suspension (especially that fitted by Capestance Air) does for a vehicle aesthetically! It was transformed from an ordinary daily commuter into a prize winning show vehicle with the potential of being a garage queen!

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Manuchem came from a traditional and MK1 Golf background as most car enthusiasts in South Africa (SA), but during the time after letting go of his beloved trophy collecting MK1 he decided to analyse the stance scene in SA and see what the recipe for greater scene points is. (Scene points are your hierarchical status in the Stance Scene food chain based on your achievements, social media fame, how low your car is, what real wheels you have or don’t have, how many groupies you have and it’s all amassed and rated figuratively by everyone except yourself.)


The recipe Noengs came up with was to steer away from the mainstream cars that were being bagged like Golfs, Polo and more Golfs and to rather pursue the road less travelled, coupled with right amount of lows, along with OEM styling and finishing of the recipe with some real wheels (Authentic/Split/Monoblock/Not Replicated) to guarantee that Scene points.

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This is what brought Manuchem on to a Hyundai i20, he needed something economical on fuel and also that can accommodate his growing family but at the same time something aesthetically pleasing and Manuchem loved the lines of the car from the get go and went in for the plunge.

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Manuchem now had to make something of this i20 and he knew it needed to fulfil the recipe of; lows, real wheels coupled with OEM+ styling in order to make the most of this car. His first step was to visit us at Fitted by Capestance (CSAIR) as he knew we could guarantee him the lows he needed to make this car come alive with proper workmanship, passion for lows and customer satisfaction and security coupled with a Guarantee! Especially because locally and internationally an i20 has never been bagged before so we had no blueprint to go by.

While the car was under the knife, he purchased a set of Tarmac style wheels which were replaced with Rotiform style wheels in the interim until he can find the perfect split rim for his i20. The styling on the car was finished off with a cupra lip and fitted with scarce hyundai rear wing and our traditional front number plate delete.

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The Air suspension fitted by CSAir consists of Custom CSAir struts upfront, using Airlift double bellow bags and continental bags in the rear with custom brackets. The air is supplied by a 444cc Viair compressor and pumping into a 20lt air tank which is supplied to the bags through 1/4” solenoid valves. He also upgraded his setup from our basic digital setup to incorporate wireless control of the air suspension from up to 150m away, ensuring that wow factor and scene points! haha

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Manuchem went on to winning categories such as Best Other Category at our end of year show OTF15 (Only the Fittest 2015) and won again subsequently at Drift City later the following year.

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It’s really amazing to see what Manuchem did to this “ordinary” car and how it was transformed into a sleek trophy winning ride. We’re excited to see the further developments of his ride and when he fits the real wheels he purchases and also to further ambitious attempts of guys choosing the road less travelled by making something unusual really stand out by making it super clean, low and tight fitment on real wheels.

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For all you suspension enquiries such as coilovers, real wheels and Air suspension feel free to visit our page and contact us for a quote at Fitted by Capestance!

Photos: Achmat Booley

Words: Tauriq Ajam

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