TBTs with Capestance – Matthew Samuels’ Static MK1 Golf

July 7, 2016
July 7, 2016 admin

TBTs with Capestance – Matthew Samuels’ Static MK1 Golf

Throwback Thursdays with Capestance – We just realised this week we have some cool old content and videos that hasn’t made it to our youtube channel yet and thought we’d schedule a day in the week for the next weeks to post up old material just to commemorate the past and give the old footage some time to shine again.

We also looking to start a weekly or monthly reviews and or tutorials on car products, software, dealers of car products and will be posted on our YOUTUBE channel, so go on over and SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date with our videos!

We’re going to be doing a review the Turtle Wax SA’s Perfect Finish Range, We’re going to be visiting Internation Rim Repair our local Rim Repair specialist and going to be talking and interview key people in the automotive scene to start off with. If theres any thing you’d like us to do a review or tutorial or just general discussion about please feel free to comment below and we’ll chose the most relevant and important topics and provide you with our take on it.

So we start off TBTs with CS with ‘Halle’, Matthew Samuels Static (Back Then) MK1 Golf filmed by Skollie Respected Hooligan (Now Known as Loud & Rowdy).