Fantasy Rides Launch 2017

May 12, 2017
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Fantasy Rides Launch 2017

We had the privilege of being flown into Jozi by Tariq Moose the owner of Fantasy Rides customs specifically to judge the cars at the launch of his new premises. The hospitality of the Jozi guys and scene was really astounding, I really can’t see why all the jozi lowcals are always complaining about the lack of unity in their scene. Especially  because its even more close knit than other cities they look up to. The quality of the builds and the rides are on par with the Cape and PE, in certain instances I believe its even better. This could be because the scene is fresh to us at Capestance, but we will see later through the year as we intend on attending more shows in Jozi!

I went solo up to represent the Capestance brand this time and it was a real handful trying to get photos and videos, meeting all the lowcal scene point hunters and still trying to judge in between that at the show. Also the night prior we attending a local drift event and we’ll be posting the footage of that soon as well. So its safe to say the 36 hours in jozi was quite eventful!

Below is our VIDEO of the show and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE channel for more videos that we post weekly!

The diversity at the show was really refreshing! It was also really awesome to see people that excited about low limbo activity, because in Cape Town and PE the spectators are too familiar with it and aren’t that enthusiastic about it anymore. But at the same time it leads to the fact that the guys need to build some more crazy limbo builds to keep the people happy.

One of the cars that stood out for me was this ford above. The real simplicity of this build and cleanliness of the execution really made it stand out to me. The interior and exterior was all well kept and the simple static drop on the Gales splits really looked timeless.

There was some hardcore limbo goers, that pulled out all the stops to get the lowest reading possible. The ended up loading their families and the friends families just to make the cut! But really made for a fun spectacle, check out our video for more of the action!

Below we have a 2 door Golf 5 GTi, something that used to be extremely rare but the owner informed me that they not too bad to come by now. He said this because he has another 2 door in the same colour but diesel in at the panel beaters busy getting restored to show room condition. Theres a few more of them roaming in the scene in jozi, something that all the other cities have yet to see in their scene.

All in all it was an amazing show, the turnout was better than Fantasy Rides had expected! I had a really great time and the Jozi hospitality, quality and overall diversity scene was really something I enjoyed! Capestance will definitely be back for some more of what Jozi has to offer!

We would just like to send out a huge thanks to Fantasy Rides Custom for making this trip possible and the amazing experience it came with as well as the new friendships built! Hope you guys enjoy the coverage, feel free to comment and crit below!

Photos, Video and Words: Tauriq Ajam

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