Ended: Nov 26 ... Star Wars Mission Fleet Mandalorian Speeder Bike with Baby Yoda *The Marshal. Published by ChewBorkus (mod ID: 172778) Description. 0 Share. Close. Details about Star Wars Custom The Mandalorian The Marshal Cobb Vanth See original listing. 0. As Vanth and Mando ride out to kill the Krayt dragon, it’s hard not to notice Vanth’s modified speeder because it seems to be scrap from an even older piece of Star Wars history: Anakin Skywalker’s podracer. "Next time you wanna pretend to be a gunfighter, best to shoot first, talk later. spoiler. Custom. Posted by 4 days ago. save. 98% Upvoted. A sidecar is seemingly bolted on to one of the two engines Anakin used to power his podracer. He is portrayed by Timothy Olyphant. best. Want more lore tied to Cobb Vanth? "― Cobb Vanth, to Adwin Charu