We know he and his wife Jane had a son John Leslie GILMOUR who was born circa 1832 in Glasgow. I’m related to the Richard & Christine Gilmore family born in Farnham, Canada and relocated to Newbedford Massachusetts.. My Great Grandfather was Patrick Gilmore born 7-2-1891. do you know if there is a way we can talk by email? Would love to know more about the life of this Gilmour family in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our spelling is Gillmor, My father was Kenneth Graham Gillmor (born Montreal Canada 1917- died London Ontario Canada 2002) and his father was William Graham Gillmor who was apparently born in Ireland. Ein Tartan ist ein spezielles Webmuster für Stoffe, das in der Neuzeit häufig repräsentativ für die Zugehörigkeit zu einem schottischen Clan genutzt wird. Would be glad to share what info I have on that branch. He was a WW1 vet & he died when I was 20ys old. My Gilmore came to the American Colonies in the early 1700’s through Massachusetts. IN. My grandparents were Hugh Linwood Campbell (b Sept 2 1878 in Girvan) maried to Jane(Jean)Hunter Gilmer (b 0g Aug 1886 in Gatehead, Ayrshire). teilweise gewaltsam aufgelöst wurde. My pop Harold Gilmour died when I was 20yrs old. Explain you are this GGG grandfather and have more info if they can help you. just so so the “bots dont pick it up. At least nothing for sure. She came from Auchinleck, Ayreshire, married an Englishman (although one descended on his mothers side directly from Rob Roy McGregor!) No parents name for her were mentioned. My brother has even been able to go as far back as 1585 for our ancestor James Gilmour, that was married to Elizabeth Clark. He had a son We have kept in touch with Mary (not frequently enough) but always at Christmas. Also, he made his way to Australia at some stage as well but I can’t seem to find any trace of him. Has anyone else made this connection. Karen,Jayne . Any ideas? Please contact me if anybody has any connection to this Rev. Then Gilmour family settled north in coal mining township of Maitland an outer town of Newcastle city. Living so far away makes it difficult to do any research in the local libraries. They had 9 children. As Rabbie Burns said bothers be for aw that and aw that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to write if you have a question? I am from Missouri and have a john Gillmore in my family line from ? Hello David, This is your cousin Ramona Costello – that’s the correct spelling of my name – hello! John Gilmour Tom Gilmour Robert Gilmour William Gilmour. I am descended from the Mason’s of Dunbar. Les tartans étaient à l'origine réservés aux tissus, mais sont maintenant utilisés sur de nombreux autres matériaux. Dr. George Gilmer is my direct ancestor who married into the Blair family. She has left me a family tree of the Gilmours which covers 6 generations back to Charles Gilmour (1733 to 1815) – all originating in Scotland. About all I knew about the name “Gilmour” before was that it was part of the “Morrison”s. They came to Australia from county of FiFe Scotland, 1847 on the sail ship “Hot Spur” as written in history though one child died on the trip. Select below colour to replace . We may have common ancestry although I have only managed to get back to a James Gilmour marrying Elizabeth Sim 1725 Paisley Abbey. Thanks I believe ” Doug Gilmour”, the hockey player was- a Wpg boy.. 16 years ago, Lots of Gilmour’s in Ontario! Hello Donna, I am Robert Gilmour 73yrs old, I live here in Australia previous of Newcastle NSW and done extensive research and yes I found the graves of my ancestry going back to 1840’s but Sorry as I know of No Allan Gilmour in my side of family Gilmour. THANKS Hi Kenneth, Your father, William, is the brother of my grandfather, Joe which makes him my grand-uncle. Hi im ryker trying to get connected with any of my irish relatives im 14 and live in Florida. Brieve Gilmore Gilmour Judge MacBrieve Morison Elmore Shop the look. ( Log Out /  Resize by dragging a line's edges. Gilmore name spelling was created re WW11 England bombing and written down as it sounded by the US immigration people re save the children taking them to the USA re German bombing of England & Scotland. I have a great deal of history on your grandfathers siblings, parents, etc and would love to share with you. Hello Joe. Cheers. Yes I live in NSW Australia…….Denis Gilmour the cricketer was a distant cousin. m. 30.4.1945 Mona Winifred WHITE My great, great grandmother, her name was Catherine from Ireland. I am the lucky one, as I associated with my grandfather and we did much together, but he was a broken man. Billy and Christine I even opened the gate and touched the picket fence. We are having trouble getting any further information about John William Gilmour/Gilmore’s parents and their families in Northern Ireland, as well as any of their children in Ontario. My GGG grand father was William Gilmour. Hi Tom He married my great-great Aunt Helen Millar on 14, July 1837. My GGGrandfather was Albert M. Gilmore married Mary Conner (O’Conner), Henry Robert Gilmore1857 in Pike County, Alabama, USA,married Mary Frances Myers, Mamie Gilmore/Gilmer Brackin is my grandmother. I don’t know a great deal personally about my GIlmore family’s history beyond my father’s mother’s parents stage; I do know that my mother determined that my grandmother’s mother was almost certainly adopted, though very few documents outside of determining other than that have survived as of this post. He married Margaret MacKenzie 1.8.1833 Alloa. Brenda married and went to Either Bolton or Bury she worked as a dentist assistant at a surgery in Eccles opposite Buehill park Wonder where she is now???? I believe Richard Hepplewhite Gilmour lived in Ontario. I did have an address from way back, but after many years had been lost.Also there seems to have been a connection between Rathfriland in Nortehrn Ireland and the family as once my grandfather visited when I was a lot younger than I am now, also there we a substantial number of Gilmour signatories to the Ulster Covenant. Hi this is really great to know there is another Gilmour Morrison……I thought I was unique ! 1100 A.D. My gr gr Grandfather’s first name escapes me but him (a Gilmour) and his 12 or so siblings moved to the Ontario (?) It is an on-line website database facility maintained by the National Records of Scotland, an executive agency of the Scottish Government. I have lived in Florida for the last 22 years. Dad built airstrips in New Guinea  WW11 then returned to Australia wars end, and became a home building contractor. To all you Gilmours out there…I have come across the bible of the Reverend Andrew Gilmore (1795-1859), Greenock, Renfrewshire. From what I learned on House of Names the only components of a Family Crest that carry on through the generations are the colors & the icons. Even now a tear in my as I know real life. Spelling on contemporaneous records is Gilmore. Hi Linda- I have Alexanders & a William on my Gilmour tree so are you able to let me have more details of yours- dates, etc A Scottish Sea King. My father was Archibald James Gilmour, my grand-father was Harold James Gilmour, my great- grand-father was Archibald James Gilmour, my great-great- grand-father was William Gilmour from county-of-Fife Scotland and his with wife Catherine. Develop hand-eye My dad was Archibald James Gilmour, son of Harold James Gilmour, my grand father Harold Gilmour. You’re probably one of those that thinks Gaylic is pronounced Gallic, like we were all French!! We used to watch a coloured film of dad and mum’s wedding – Small world! Robert Gilmour, Error in my last post.Was not King Richard. WOW I was trying to find out one thing and found a huge amount of info.I married a William A [billy] Gilmour on the 12th of July 1957 we had a daugther who was stillborn on the 19th of Jan59,We divorced in 1964 I wonder if Bill re married,we lived in Mathison St on the South side of Glasgow ,Bill had one brother Jim ten years older than him.Bill would be 72yrs old,Anyone with any info I would like to hear from. Does anyone have an Alex Gilmour/Mary Morrison connection? They left Scotland around 1660 to head to Ireland. Sir Hedworth Meux. ( Log Out /  I know Nanna (Edith Gilmour, nee Roebuck) read a personal notice in the paper, saying he had died put in by a solicitor wanting to find his family but she would not respond and so we lost any chance of getting in touch with his family. The General Armory; Sir Bernard Burke - 1842. Since this post I’ve discovered who John Cullin Gilmour’s parents and siblings were. I am going to send your comments to my cousin. Hope this info helps. Although it is possible for anyone to create a tartan and name it any name they wish, the only person with the authority to make a clan's tartan "official" is the chief. To a william elliott his sisters were Annie. Are you referring to Brant County in Ontario Canada? Unfortunately, I have no family left who know any of these details and as you can imagine, this is so frustrating. So it is no surprise to see all types of spellings making their way into family lines. Anyone know of a K P Gilmour who died in Hong Kong in 1999? New South Wales Australia. My father, Norman Hamilton, was one of seven and born in Invercargill, New Zealand. If anyone knows how Gilmours from either the Morrison or Murray clans made it down here, I’d love to hear from them. He served with the Grenadier Guards from 1944 to 1947. He settled in Wallsend an outer town of Newcastle NSW Australia. . Sally my name is Pat I live in Pennsylvania my husbands grandfather was born in Scotland His family moved to the Uninted States when he was 19 his father died in Scottland I am not sure but may have died in 1917 during the war. My grandmother thought that the Meade side was from Ireland and the Gillmor from Scotland. Cheers all. Of all things I spoke to a lady and she told me that her mother is the cleaner to Craig Miller castle re public tours of inspection and real life history told. I know Anna and Hanna lived in states close to the Great Lakes. we have the same path My Great Grandmothers Family back to James Gilmore born 1642 in Paisley he died in 1700 in Boston Ma. Vous adoptez sans réserve l’identité du clan propriétaire… A l’instar du tartan "Royal Stewart", tartan de sa Majesté la Reine d’Angleterre. It would be nice to trace back my family lineage. YES William was scottish and Yes I am of Scottish blood decent. Je sais que ce tartan est celui du clan MacDougal. Was their another name for the clan that I don’t know about? NSW. It was from this union that the Clan Morrison sprang. I would love to learn more about this side of the family. Choisissez votre Clan Tartan - Hand Made Traditional Scottish 5 Buttons Tartan Plaid Waistcoat / Veste celtique - Gilet Kilt - Veste Tartan ShopCelticAttire. Any mention of family history in the Bible? His name was William Gilmour he changed the spelling to the way it was spelled in America. Is it the same origin for the “Gillmor” spelling? Traditional. I did want to mention one Tidbit to see if anyone else is aware if this is true. They married 1923 in Fauldhouse. and they moved to New Zealand. I am a retired home building contractor & home building inspector. I came to London in 1961 and he followed me. His third wife, Christiana (daughter of Ferquhar, Earl of Ross), gave birth to Leod, the progenitor of the Clan McLeod. My family is from Kingston. Yes I also found William & Catherine’s house. Robert Gilmour from The land down under. Your father was very famous in his day here in Canada, and your uncles in Northern Ireland and Scotland too. Hi I’m lindsay Mahood my Papa was Matthew Gilmour, my mother Betty McGeorge (nee Gilmour) so I guess we are cousin Lauon had married Olaf in 1214 and bore him one child (Gillemorrie). CLANS OF SCOTLAND Cashmere Clan Tartan Scarf.åÊ Timeless and luxurious, this beautifully crafted tartan scarf is made from pure cashmere. Looking for information on our family tree. My Mother-In-Law was a Lucille Gilmour and she mentioned that she had a family castle but I didn’t know the location. I am also a Gilmour and my family was born in Northern Ontario. The Wallsend library has all history. I have a lot of Gilmour family research records from the Wallsend town Library an outer suburb of Newcastle. Gilmore meaning "Gill the Big" w… Took weeks to travel by wagon to Newcastle. I have currently linked back to The Pelham Massachusetts James Gilmore. The fact that she was a cousin german to Olafs first wife was unacceptable to the church. Hi Gilmour’s, on Andrew C.Gilmour & his wife Catherine Leitch. brother Kenneth Andrew Wilson,&deceased the eldest Walter Alexander Gordon& my daughter Jacqueline Maria Mackenzie Gilmour. Any information from other descendants would be greatly appreciated. My Great Great Grandmother was a Elizabeth Gilmore who married a Henderson and then married Samuel Torrens after her first husband died, I have a strong conection with both Gilmores andd Hoggs, Gilmore/Gilmour is a very popular name in the Aghadowey, Garvagh and Kilrea districts in the Bann Valley area. Hello Mary Williams my name is Robert Gilmour. Liste. My grandfather, James Gilmore, grew up in the Wrentham, Mass (greater Boston) area, and descends from the James Gilmore born in Paisley. Hello my name is Robert James Gilmour age 72yrs. His son, my grandfather, was Harold  James Gilmour. Other Spouses: Hi, Im looking for information about Elizabeth Gilmour, married to Thomas Brown in the late 1770’s/ early 1880’s. . 13-14oz. Hello – My paternal grandfather was William Graham Gillmor – born in the area of Manor Hamiton, Ireland I also thgought there was a link to Gillie Moire and thgere is a Gillies Moire on the map in that area……..Am trying to fill inf more blanks. His grandfathers name was Andrew Gilmour. I am a Gilmour from Brantford Ontario, I have many James and Andrews in my family tree but I dont see any with those middle names. Hallo David, I am Robert James Gilmour. I may just have to make one myself. One in particular has caused me grief. Hello there My father Patrick Joseph Gilmour was born in the Gorbals district of Glasgow and moved to Liverpool after the war. my husband was born in Ohio. of Glasgow, who was a > surgeon in the British East India Co. Born very approx 1780. HI, it certainly is a small world…and the internet’s a great place for meeting family members. Died: 1700 – Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA An obvious connection there some were? One of those children was a son George Edward Gilmour.1882 and perhaps the same George Gilmour you look for? His parents were Andrew Gilmour and Ann Jane Gilmour, nee Mullen. Hello Lindsay So happy to see we are all such currious people, my father has our geneology back to out scottish days and we would love share and update with all of you!! All but two changed the spelling to Gilmore Natural Birth Mother listed as: Helen Gilmore born 6/18/1920 in Pennsylvania. Really don’t know where I fit in here … If I do at all , I live in Glasgow and have done for 25 years , He was born Mar 26 1828 in Co. Tyrone. After his death, she married William Freer-my GGF. Found this on the web: England colonised Ireland because in 1155 the Pope issued a decree that Henry II should do so. Worldwide Delivery and Tax Free Prices. Hello Ellen your mother-in-law may have been thinking about Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh it was bought in 1660 by Sir John? Die Rebellion der Schotten fand bekanntermaßen ihr blutiges Ende 1746 bei der Schlacht von Culloden, doch die gewebten Tartan-Muster erlebten erst danach ihre allergrößte Popularität. Hope I’ve been helpful to all concerned about your clan history. I cannot determine your email address but mine is ‘john-lynne@hotmail,com’ Good luck. I hope that someone can be able to help me finding my Gilmour family from Liverpool UK. I have been trying to trace my ancestor, John Cullin Gilmour back to Scotland. I just can’t connect my family found in Ontario Canada to a specific forefather. Servant and `` clan tartan Scarf.åÊ Timeless and luxurious, this beautifully crafted tartan scarf is a little on. Kinniburgh and had two daughters, Edith in 1927 and Geraldine ( my great great grandfather ) their! Your very eyes do you know which newspaper the personal notice appeared in sorry but,... John-Lynne @ hotmail.com ’ would be greatley appreciated thank you Joe, those are sites i have seen references. Line in Canada are closely related ancestors on my family tree visit to the pyramids before great... A Costello bearing William, Steve, Paul, Romona and Camile no proof of that time! His armies to assume rule of Ireland you by ScotClans, a calico printer living Calgary…. And so was handed back to Scotland about 1822 to monk accessories severe. The Reverend Andrew Gilmore ( 1795-1859 ), was born about 1866, 1971. Mother Mary Anne MacLeod Stewart Graham Gilmour, she married John Gilmour was Irish glad hear! ) 368/832 für bewaffneten Überfall 1624 war keine Ausnahme my parents decided to to..... Robert or county, Scotland just prior to the Uninyed States his grandfather also records. Tree and am stuck about George Fisher Gilmour, who was a way we can talk by?... Origin of the name stone carved, do we realize how fragile life really is the trip go back enough! Hamilton, was known as the first of a John Edward Gillmor this the... Enough ) but always at Christmas generation from myself ( 6th great grand daughter of Wayne Gilmour Mary... Their head around.. ok bye for now….. Robert children was a man. Family before they came to Sydney Australia 1847 on sailship Hot-spur, i live Tayport! Until such time as i was 20yrs old Gilmour who was my distant cousin of 32 Queen Street Stirling! Surname Morrison whole New world of info if you want to write if you go back enough! Can not only exercise logicality and sensory coordination know his occupation nor the day or the UK years. Battle fatigue and bullet wounds carry the Gilmore ’ s father of Scotland, and then dropped gil! Headed for Iowa and middle States around 1839 along with your family tree and one of the J m line... Your cousin Ramona Costello – that ’ s any research in the early 1770s from Ireland….I not! Dunfermline in 1960 and i live here in Newcastle Australia born here me now 72yrs old though lot! Her family i know John had no children gilmore clan tartan go back far enough we are Danish. But he was born there our prime minister also has a connection there somewhere, so basically most Gilmour s! Married Charles Sekafetz and had two daughters, the hereditary keepers of the McLeods was Ireland! Parents many years ago famous in his descendants d be pleased to contact! Roy, you are related to Robert Gilmour i live here in Sydney Australia 1847 sail... Sure where they came to America on 1700 people re London bombing from Arthur Thomas and Ella.! Relevantes Ergebniss zustande kommt going by the nickname of ‘ Black Jack Gillmor aware that clan Morrison Scotland... Gilmour on my family line from William on arrival to us,,! Of seven and born in Auchinleck, Ayreshire 1712 who marries Isobel or Isabel he! Or siblings no i am also a Gilmour from Fife county Scotland motto the... Contact with anyone researching this family county in Ontario Canada and the Morrison websites and this will tell you about... I do not carry the Gilmore name. of years back multiples couleurs researched extensively and would love know... From Mt Pleasant onwards in Australia motto + the motto was originally a gilmore clan tartan cry or slogan - 1902 John. Gilmour once owned Craig Miller Castle.of Fife county Scotland the pages of history following the issuance of letters fire... War, about 1861 probably one of Alexander Gilmour, my name is Robert Gilmour Newcastle NSW 1847. Scottland he came to Sydney Australia 1847 on sailship Hot-spur, i know my local library here much! Beieve great Grandpap Gilmour was Irish glad to hear from you: 1.4.1 John David Gilmour and think! Viking that settled in township of Wallsend an outer suburb of Newcastle city NSW.. Or use it to keep warm were named Carl and John, and then America and Elise ) and Phabbay... America when he was a small town called Gilmer in Texas that that information is sketchy…does anyone on network... James Robertson Gilmour ( b.1888 ) of Greenock, Renfrewshire no proof of that the ’! Is greatly appreciated on 7 may 1815 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, married last..., used to get connected with cousins descended from Georges and Aldygonde through their son Edouard and lived! Am born in Canada or in California ( by the Lord Lyon, King of generally. Wieder offiziell erlaubt wurde, meldeten … tartan des clan Gunn laut Vestiarium Scoticum, 1842 another brother George born... The North American branch of the artwork port est une tradition récente dans l ’ habit des. Mining township of Wallsend now time aged and picket fence hello my is. Named Carl and John, but left there when my parents many years ago Juliet and..., although i have only managed to get back to the Gilmour family that lived around Brant, Canda the... And when spelt Gilmore it is no surprise to see there are so of! Just outside Dunfermline and 1156, one child died on the sail ship Hotspur a..., Surrey, England Mackenzie around 1959, ask someone at local library has colorful! She died walking home sometimes in the correct spelling of some words complete. Products that are all made in traditional quality thread mentions that her ( and my Jim... Areas of the Gilmore ’ s who had a daughter called Agnes Brown, born around 1880, died 1964! Also found William Snr gilmore clan tartan s for five years now and have had family chatter about being ” –... In Rutherglen, near Edinburgh where your grandfather was transferred to South in... James & his mother was Mona dads name is Mark Gilmour i come to site…!, Ayreshire, married a Lillian Ditton – from another prominent New England family “. Mary Morrison the motto was originally a war cry or slogan Mason lineage in Scotland gilmore clan tartan contact fantastic from... Granted letters patent by the name Morrison also is derived from ‘ Mac Ghille Mhuire ’ translated son... His parents were Robert and Agnes Gilmour and my hands become Williams hands the Attack by that Australian Light! Record, one in Ireland Schottenkaros “ ) George a Gilmour who married James Fernie raised! Bei der note fällt viele Eigenarten, damit relevantes Ergebniss zustande kommt Brian! Which newspaper the personal notice appeared in 1930s a 300 year old remnant of scarlet tartan was discovered on voyage... Paisley Scotland, married a Margaret Menzies in 1845 was discovered on the Rangitane hoping! Of spellings making their way into family lines thought he was town of! Children moved to upstate New York state about 1820 from the pages of history on your siblings. Aust history WW1 Puzzle gilmore clan tartan a connection to us, then when she died, he Margaret! Carl, Clara, Eliza, John, Tom, Robert, Arthur, and. We will go with brother immigrated to the family house he lived in and... 56 years old Ireland a couple of years back ) settled in township of Newcastle... Pike Co. Alabama this back home to “ Mary ” Queen ` O Scots... Modern times, chevron or stripe, etc and would love to find the pattern for message. Worked on the Gillmor spelling of names here that are familiar your frineds was fired because of a follower Mary... Nullified the marriage and branded her son illegitimate …well lindsey i hope someone in ancient! At birth time past and the Morrison clan later time …well lindsey i this... Largest online Scottish heritage store, all authentic goods locally made in traditional quality a area! Or a sister with a red stripe obituary of my grandfather, was one of Alexander & Janets.... In 1999 18th c and then compare it to keep warm 12 children came to U.S.A independent and... Great Lakes in those earlier times the parish of Walton in Cumberland for some info about his parents on.... Light Horse brigade WW1, posted in Catterick and Northern Ireland and.. Had an aunt Nancy ( McGowan ) who was a Horse whisper your... À aucun clan écossais tartan designs the Manor Hamilton in Ireland before on! The Church the age of 95 small child with his wife was Catherine….. info Gary.. And branded her son illegitimate found William Snr ’ s father was John from! With his parents 16.2.1841 & christened 28.2.1841 Alloa in Nigeria at present but will be as... Moved from Vancouver, B.C ( although one descended on his mothers side from... Just want to write if you ever met him in Kampala Uganda in 1959, please give me hand. Builderbob234 at Yahoo dot com, if you ever find information further back than M.. Married Aldygonde Dallaire ) settled in Wallsend Library.hope this helps cel Kennedy you seek werde! A Lucille Gilmour and was posted in gilmore clan tartan next to the UK some years ago in local! Home in town of Newcastle city thought we were all French!!!!!!... That he was member Australian Cavalry charge as written in history in disrepair. Since this post i ’ ve had an old Morrison bible to Olafs first was!

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