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Bag and Splits with some individuality, Fayyaad’s E36 and Fayaz’s E30.

We’re back in action and obviously we going to bring the heat and we thought lets double up on that heat. So we bring you Fayyaad’s bagged ’95 BMW E36 318is Motorsport rolling on 3 piece 17” Autostrada Modenas and Fayaz’s bagged E30 with also 3 piece 17” BBS RS.

Fayyaad tells us a little about the car’s history: “I have a ’95 BMW E36 318is Motorsport. It has an m42 engine. The car is no. 24 of 50 in BMW individual Iceblue limited to South African markets only. The car has semi recaros with leather sides complimented with the Uber rare M-rain cloth centres. None of the seats have been redone nor has any panel on car been repainted. It also has the LTW rear wing without the raisers from factory.

The car was purchased brand new by my father and his brothers in 1995. I’d go to school everyday for 12 years in that car and thus a lot of memories shared with it.

On turning 18 my dad gave me the car as a birthday present.

275k kms later, no mechanical issues apart from the clutch, slave cylinder, radiator and water pump being replaced. The car is super reliable and if I do get a chance i’d love to drive it down to the cape for OTF some day.

 The indicator lamps as well as the tail lights were changed from the original ambers to clear (poem of course) to give it the look I was going for and its really the only thing I changed aesthetically on the car.

I’m a static guy at heart and I would choose a static car any day over a bagged one. The reason I bagged the car is to help ensure I could preserve the condition and usability (more than anything) but also to get the stance/fitment I wanted. The car sits on Airlift performance struts accompanied by an Accuair E-level and I-level management system.

The wheels choice – they’re Autostrada Modena that are 17×9.5 on and 17×10. The choice for the wheels is simple, I think less is more. I wanted to keep the subtle yet clean look to the car.

My favourite part about the car is that it’s honest. It has nothing to hide with all its dents and flaws, I love it. It makes it what it is and shows signs of wear and use. She’s nothing perfect but appealing enough to me. I believe that passion is everything and by looking at someone’s car it tells a lot about them. Naturally I’ve got the car to a point where I’m content with her. If I don’t change anything on it, I’ll still be more than happy.

The car is a part of me and my family, that’s heritage that no one can take away from her.”

We then got some words from Fayaz and he told us that: “It used to belong to a good friend of mine who sold it to a family relative. Back then it was the notorious Afghan GP which was synonymous for its own reasons. When he had decided to sell, he gave me a call and asked me to fetch that day or he would change his mind. For me this was the best looking Mtech1. Being the only E30 in this colour in SA and it was a no brainer, I left home immediately and went to fetch it.

Once she was mine I ende up fitting complete E30 M3 seats and it was a nightmare. The rear bench had to be slightly modified to fit. The front seats needed a universal bracket, which was further modified to work harmoniously. I added a few other E30 M3 bits to the car including evo3 M3 front splitter, headlight wipers, E30 M3 Evo3 Recaro SRD seats, M3 cluster, rear blind that folds into the backboard to name a few.

I acquired the BBS in 2006 but built it over many years. Only after bagging was I able to order 4” lips. I sourced new valves, badges and studs but the best part was getting the lips. It took ages for them to clear at customs but was worth the wait. The glow of the Radinox is something pictures cant capture and they work out to a width of10 and 11.5J. The suspension is Airlift performance bags with V2 Autopilot.”

In conclusion, these are two of the best examples of BMWs that South Africa has to offer. The perfect blend of mixing OEM+ parts, with classic three piece wheels and finished of with some air suspension. These guys are not finished with their builds yet but they are already doing a great job on creating some pieces of art.

Words: Tauriq Ajam, Mohamed Fayyaad Khan and Fayaz Sirkhot

Photos: Mohamed Fayyaad Khan

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