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Edition 38’s Early Edition 2017

This is my 5th time attending an international show and by now I’m completely spoilt because seeing splits and air does not impress me as much as it did the first time when I attended ultimate dubs a few years ago. It also goes in hand with the fact I’m really starting to feel integrated into the UK scene as faces and cars become familiar. This is also the reason why I give the guys in South Africa (SA) such a hard time because my vision is that we can have this kind of quality and calibre of cars and show in SA.

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Fantasy Rides Launch 2017

We had the privilege of being flown into Jozi by Tariq Moose the owner of Fantasy Rides customs specifically to judge the cars at the launch of his new premises. The hospitality of the Jozi guys and scene was really astounding, I really can’t see why all the jozi lowcals are always complaining about the lack of unity in their scene. Especially  because its even more close knit than other cities they look up to. The quality of the builds and the rides are on par with the Cape and PE, in certain instances I believe its even better. This could be because the scene is fresh to us at Capestance, but we will see later through the year as we intend on attending more shows in Jozi!

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Capestance’s First Wednesdays – May 2017

In 2017 our goal is to create a more social atmosphere, in not only the stance scene but the entire automotive industry! Our first attempt at achieving this is by starting our monthly meets known as Capestance’s First Wednesdays (#CFW). Which means that all kinds of automotive enthusiasts are welcome at our first Wednesdays and its open to the public for free. The last three CFWs were hosted in the parking lot near Greenpoint stadium opposite MCDs but we intend on having it at alternate locations soon in order to keep things fresh and exciting! (If you have any venue suggestions or own a restaurant that you would like to host us feel free to contact us!)

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Manuchem’s Bagged Hyundai i20 by Capestance Air

Many of you would ask – “Why bag an i20?” and this is exactly the reason why Manuchem (AKA Noengs) did it. Manuchem believed the beauty is in it’s unusual nature and at the same time gives us a chance to appreciate what Air Suspension (especially that fitted by Capestance Air) does for a vehicle aesthetically! It was transformed from an ordinary daily commuter into a prize winning show vehicle with the potential of being a garage queen!

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